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The origin of the Burrito, which means “little donkey” in Spanish, is wrapped (no pun intended) with legends and stories set along the USA-Mexico border. One of the more popular ones is that of Juan Mendez who peddled tacos along the streets of Ciudad Juarez during the Mexican Revolution using a donkey as transport. To keep his tacos warm, Mendez wrapped them in homemade four tortillas and kept them under layers of tablecloth. As Mendez’s trade grew in popularity, folks have started to call the tortilla-wrapped tacos as the “food of the burrito,” (for “food of the little donkey”) or in short, “Burrito.”

While there are many other alternate burrito origin stories, many Historian Foodies agree that the "Burrito" appeared on a restaurant menu for the first time in Los Angeles, California at El Cholo Spanish Cafe in the 1930's. By the way, El Cholo was also noted for popularizing the "Margarita" served on the rocks, later blended by another young Mexican immigrant and FireGrill friend, Larry Kano, who thought to put the drink in a blender with other seasonal fruits in his first Southern California El Torito Mexican Restaurant.

Before long, Burritos & Margaritas were being made on just about every corner in the Mission District of San Francisco, the Gas Lamp District of San Diego, and even the Central Valley farm towns of California. The convenience of such a hand-held bundle of "craving" was perhaps only found quicker with the milkshake, the hot dog and the hamburger!

The California influence on the healthy-type of fillings for Burritos started showing up in the 1990's and the Burrito continues to grow in popularity. Today, college students, workers and family alike enjoy burritos sold in family-run Mexican kiosks and food trucks, Michelin star dining venues, and popular chain-restaurants such as two FireGrill favorites, Chipotle and Freebirds.

FireGrill's Fresh Mex Kitchen brings you some of the most creative California-influenced Mexican recipes, using Honest, Real ingredients and Quality Proteins -- Adobo-Marinated Chicken, Chipotle-glazed Top Sirloin Steaks, 100% Chuck Slow-Roasted Barbacoa Beef, Organic Quinoa and Brown Rice, Organic Black & Pinto Beans, 100% Natural Wisconsin Monterey Jack Cheese, 100% Hass Avocado Guacamole, All Natural Flour & Corn Tortillas, Fresh Produce and Fresh Salsas.

FireGrill Burritos. Tacos. Fajita Rice Bowls. Salads. Quesadillas.

It is our pleasure to serve you our Fresh-Mex Fajita dishes in a fun, relaxed, casual, convenient environment for you to enjoy! We are so happy that you discovered us in Saudi Arabia!

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